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The grandest failure.

Go 1.4.2 for Raspberry Pi

I was notified by multiple mails that my package signing key expired. Thanks. I’ve changed the expiration date. So in case you are affected, run the first line (wget …) below and you can access the packages again. Took me some time because I moved and didn’t plug the Raspberry Pi back in.

While I was updating, Debian jessie came out and the Debian release freeze ended, so I decided that I might as well update to the newest Go release available from Debian, 1.4.2.

So if you just stumbled onto this blog, looking for Go packages for your Raspberry Pi (I’ve tried with the Raspberry Pi Model B), here are the instructions that you should run to get a working Go compiler on your mini-computer.

wget -O - | sudo apt-key add -
sudo wget -O /etc/apt/sources.list.d/xivilization-raspbian.list

sudo aptitude update
sudo aptitude install golang